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Host Family Letter


Segue minha letter, quero muitas opiniões!!! HAHAHA.

Peguei dicas no blog da Vanessa Riani, muito bacana.

Hello Dear Host Family,
My name is Sara Cassemiro, I have 22 old, I am graduate in journalism and currently work in a company of Telecommunication in area of the Marketing. I am born in Brazil in Vitória da Conquista – Bahia, but I grew up in São Paulo – Capital, a big city, a lot stirred and a little expensive. The center of business and good restaurants, known as land of drizzle, I like living here.

I am an only daughter, my father‘s name is Luiz Antonio, he is truck driver. He works hard to ensure good quality of life for us, my father is a serious person, but very loving and always is present in all times of the my life. My mother’s name Sandra Cassemiro, she work at home, cares very well of us and is always worried in keep good customs. She is my partner and best friend, always showing me the best way and allows me to make responsible choices. We are small family, but, very loving and funny. We had dinner together every day ,this is our sacred moment! We also meet frequently with our family in partys, travel, Christmas  and New Year.

From 9 to 14 years I studied theater, to improve communication body, this was very important for my development, with aged 16, I decided it would help at home, having my own money and started working on Children's Buffet, as monitors Recreation , a wonderful activity, monitoring children from 2 to 13 years and it was really amazing. I had the pleasure to play with them. Among the activities were conducted competitions to work motor coordination and integration of the child, face painting, balloon sculpture workshop and accompanying minor children in toys, such as maze and ferris wheel. The party usually lasts 4 hours and used to be from Wednesday to Sunday, sometimes two parties a day. I worked for two years and after I joined the Faculty was difficult to maintain routine Buffet.

Then a neighbor asked me to take care of her son, Kevin, who was then four years, from that moment I decided that somehow unite my studies to work with children, writing a book on child behavior or documentary. Kevin took care of during the week, the time that parents were working, he is a child with a lot of energy and very intelligent, our routine was very busy with tours in nearby parks, football games and video game. This study lasted six months, some time later, the mother of Kevin asked me to take care of her younger sister on the weekend, and I accepted. The Cecilia at the time also had four years,But I took care of her only on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning so that the mother could work, Cissa as it is called by everyone, is a very loving child, he liked playing with dolls and ballet, when 7 years old he joined a dance company and capoeira, I took her and sought. I took care of Cecilia September/2011 up when I had to leave it because I needed the internship in journalism, she keep in touch with Kevin and his entire family to this day, I learned a lot from them, are my treasures!

I consider myself a very caring, fun, helpful and responsible manners thanks to my creation. Working with children fascinated me, understand them, teach and learn from them is a magnificent experience and when we work with pleasure, the work becomes rewarding. I also have enough energy and practical activities such as swimming, cycling and handball. I extend this to 18 years and just love, traveling, going home friends, shopping, orphanages and drive away.

I want to be an Au Pair because I believe that this exchange will add significant value to my growth and my goals in developing a good job with children, and the opportunity to experience a new culture and learn from it. I am a person with ease in adaptation and this experience will surely only add positive things for the rest of my life, I'm willing to give myself and show my best for you. Thank you for reading my letter and known a little of my story, I hope you enjoyed!
See you soon,
Sara Cassemiro

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  1. Sarinha sua lindaa....
    amei a carta....mas acho que vc deveria escrever mais, por exemplo, fala que vc mora em SP que é uma cidade grande que vc está acostumada com isso, e gosta mto de cidades, mas que adora o campo e tals...Fala o nome do seu pai e da sua mae...(parece que eles te conhecem mais sabe?) fala que vc ajuda em casa, com os deveres de casa, que ajuda a sua mãe e tals (assim eles sabem que vc sabe passar aspirador de pó e levar a roupa) e acho tbm que vc deveria falar mais sobre esse trabalho que vc é voluntária, fala as idades das kids e o que gosta de fazer com elas...
    Bom isso são sósugestões, lógico, a carta é sua e deve ficar com a sua cara...!!!

  2. Aeew, voou ajeitaar, e posto aqui de novo! Valeeu Maaaaaah! \o/

  3. Oi, Sara!

    Posso dar minha opinião tbm? Acho que vc poderia ser mais detalhista sobre suas experiências com crianças. Fale sobre como vc gostava de trabalhar com crianças no buffet(e o porquê), coloque a idade das crianças, o que elas achavam de vc. Se der, conte alguma história sobre vc e a menina da vizinha para ilustrar como vcs duas se davam bem (mostrar como vc tinha uma relaçao boa com ela). Acho legal falar mais sobre o trabalho voluntário: porque vc resolveu faze-lo (sua motivação), o que vc sente quando vai no orfanato, como isso influenciou na sua vida.

    Acho que dá para melhorar o último parágrafo... não sei, acho que ele ficou meio confuso. Desculpa eu estar sendo meio chata. Vc não precisa mudar se não quiser. É só minha opinião...

    Boa sorte!


  4. Tishaa linda, vou sim fazer atualizações, sempre para melhoria! Vc não foi chata nããão. Valeeeeeu \o/

  5. Sara acho tbm que vc deve detalhar sua experiencia com crianças.. posso postar minha carta aki se vc quiser... eu fiquei online em 12/03.. até 19/03 4 familias ja tinha passado no meu app e em 29/3 eu ja tinha meu match e não foi tao rapido por desespero não.. foi feeling messssmmmoo, meus host falam comigo todos os dias e aguardam ansiosos minha chegada em 02/08... precisar de ajuda e dicas estou aki pra ajudar..acho que o que me ajudou foi o video e a carta...=) bjs

  6. Palomaaa, claroo que eu aceito sua ajuda. Será muitissimo bem vinda! Vou te mandar um e-mail, TKS!